Make This Diwali Refreshing with Top 10 best Guruji thandai drinks.

This festive season serves your guests the taste of real India instead of the usual caffeinated drinks. Jai Guruji Thandai is driven to bring to you 10 most refreshing, fresh and tempting flavours of the season.KESHARIYA THANDAI DRY FRUIT SYRUP: Whats better than the match of the goodness of dry fruits and Kesar?It is a  heavenly blend of Kesar, almond, cardamom, black pepper, rose water, khush-khush and magaj. Providing ample nutrients and taste, it’s the perfect welcome drink.
Badam Keshar Dry Fruit Syrup:
Enormously loved, badam and Kesar is the classic taste of your childhood.  With the list of benefits that both the ingredients have to offer, this mix lends natural vigour to minds that result in coolness.
ROSE SYRUP:Made out of pure indigenous roses, rose syrup is all time favourite drink. Its loved and experimented in every way, rose is known to be rich with healthy and blood-purifier substances that offer glow and fairness to skin. Guruji rose syrup is prepared with the distillation delicate and beautiful rose syrup with zero preservatives.
KHUS SYRUP : We call it freshness put in a bottle. Made from the high quality roots of Khus, wrapped with all the goodness of nature. The Sharbat gets made from the drops of refined Khush with pure traditional methods.
Orange Fruit syrup: Serve the summer flavour this Diwali, that is surely going to fill you up with a happy feeling for a long time. The Crush is rich in the ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Calcium that offer protection to the body. Along with these vital ingredients, the Orange Crush also contains Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Copper, Sulphur and Chlorine that increase the resistance of the body.
Pineapple Syrup: The fruit with a crown, known for fuelling up the human body with energy. Guruji’s Pineapple Crush not only offers taste and freshness, even nourishes body by removing the fatigue of the cells. The enzymes present in the Crush make the worn-out tissues healthy and fill with energy by removing their tiredness. Pineapple Crush is very significant in enhancing the digestion of the body. Therefore, it’s good to take it in constant use.
Mango Panna syrup–  The perfect traditional taste of summer, made from raw mangoes.  We have mixed this flavour with mint, jira, lemon and salt to give that perfect essence.
Lemon Fruit squash: Guruji lemon squash, made with fresh and juicy lemons. Squash is the all time favourite,  lemons just add the perfect zing . Have it with soda or water, this mix won’t disappoint.Brahmi Badam Dry Fruit Syrup: Guruji Brahmi Badam is made from high-quality and selected almonds. It also relishes the inclusion of rose water, and jari-booti etc, that help in the enhancement of its taste and quality. Its constant use fills the deficiencies of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins etc.Jeera syrup: One of the most common spice found in the indian kitchen and is know for its medicinal properties. Besides jeera it also contains healthy salts. A lot of benefits with essential, vitamins and proteins  is perfect drink to serve.

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