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Maha Shivratri is the celebration night also known as the great night of  Lord Shiva is celebrated all around the country with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. This day signifies and symbolizes overcoming the darkness and ignorance. The day is known for imbibing virtues like honesty, knowledge, awareness, prosperity, and forgiveness. This day is special and its celebration drink is special too.Thandai is the celebration drink of Maha Shivratri. But it is important to know why Thandai is that special? Why not any other drink? The answer is simple, it is because of the nutritional value of the thandai. Dry fruitsmilk, and various other ingredients make a perfect blend which gives the body essential nutrition.

Thandai is like preparation to give your body enough nutrition to change yourself for good. As we have discussed earlier that the day is celebrated and imbibes different virtues like forgiveness, honesty, knowledge, and prosperity, this drinks makes you enough prepared for the challenges you face while you fight with the evils that are residing inside you and thus making you stronger to adopt these virtues.

Now as you know why we celebrate Shivratri with thandai, let us discuss here what all good options are available for thandai. Guruji Thandai and Sharbat offers a range of flavours in thandai. Embarking with Guruji Kesharia Thandai Dry Fruit Syrup, it is a kesar rich thandai, which delivers you, health and taste with the orange tint of Kesar, while dry fruits giving nutrition. People might not know various benefits of Kesar and dry fruits, such as it protects against cancer, against cold and promotes learning as well as it promotes memory retention.

Next in the list of thandai is Guruji Badam Kesar Dry Fruit Syrup which has all the goodness of badam combined with Kesar and other dry fruits. It adds up to your nutrition with healthy nutrients like fiber, protein, calcium, vitamin E, iron, riboflavin, phosphorus and many more. A perfect drink for a perfect occasion. It is delicious and healthy. Guruji Brahmi Badam Dry Fruit Syrup has benefits such as it enhances the memory, has essential antioxidants and also it regulates sugar levels and therefore it’s a perfect combination of taste and health.

Now celebration drinks are more tasty and healthy. Let us all pledge this Shivratri to have healthy drinks throughout the year. Also, try various other healthy drinks by Guruji Thandai and Sharbat

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