Traditional Guruji Thandai

Khus SyrupThe purpose and driving motive behind Guruji thandai has been the spirit of celebrating the taste of India.. its culture, religion, authenticity, ethnicity and cohesiveness that is unique. With the undying tradition to begin every occasion and celebrate it with some ‘meetha’, Guruji thandai has been upholding that tradition since its inception. Our every product is crafted with wholesome natural ingredients, zero preservatives and 100% love. Here below are some of our most loved flavors:

  1. Strawberry Syrup: With the goodness of real strawberries pulp  Strawberrys build up the immune system and prevent attacks of cold and sinusitis. It is highest in Vitamin A content and is essential to get rid of high blindness and premature wrinkling of the skin. It can be prepared in water.
  2. Khus Syrup: This evergreen refreshing syrup is perfect for every weather. The Sharbat gets made from the drops of refined Khush with pure traditional methods. It wraps up all the natural benefits which come from the traditional preparation. Besides offering coolness in the summer, it’s extremely good to make milkcurd, and ice-cream lassi.
  3. Mango Panna: It will be a mango season all around the year. The Mango Panna we produce contains the natural essence and vitamins of mango, and gets prepared from the fleshes of raw mangoes. Besides all these, this also contains other useful substances like mint, lemon, salt, Jira that are fairly useful for body.
  4. Pineapple Syrup: The tangy taste of pineapple is surely gonna make you go all fine. Guruji’s Pineapple Crush not only offers taste and freshness, even nourishes body by removing the fatigue of the cells. The enzymes present in the Crush make the worn-out tissues healthy and fill with energy by removing their tiredness. Pineapple Crush is very significant in enhancing the digestion of the body. 
  5. Kesariya thandai dry fruit syrup:  Also known as ‘God’s drink’, the perfect blend of kesar and dry fruits is just what you need for a mood and taste change. Guruji Kesaria Thandai is a superb and balanced blend of high quality Kesaralmondcardamomblack pepperrose waterkhush-khush and magaj.
  6. Brahmi Baadam Dry fruit syrup:  It’s the perfect mix of wholesome health and refreshing taste. Guruji Brahmi Badam is made from the high-quality and selected almonds. It also relishes the inclusion of rose water, and jari-booti etc, that help in enhancement of its taste and quality. Its constant use fills the deficiencies of proteincalciumphosphorusiron and vitamins etc.  

Offering a range of perfect syrups and thandai with authentic tasteingredients and quality is what makes us one of the most loved brand in India. We are dedicated to uphold this space in the heart of our customers for a lifetime.

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