Legacy of Guruji Thandai

The significance and value of togetherness, celebration and festivities is actually what brings together the varied diversity, rich cultures, multilingualism, religions and discrete geographical spaces of India under one roof.  Guruji thandai and sharbat celebrates this true spirit of India with refreshing and exotic range of flavours for every occasion.  An amalgamation of nature and the essence of real India, Jai Guruji thandai is reining the beverage market since 1965.  Thandai and sharbat have been associated and loved as the real beverage of India, Offering an exclusive range of flavours that are made with 100% real fruit and zero preservatives Jai Guruji is just adding a little more sweetness to your special day.

The company was emanated by late Shri Jagdish Prasad Haridwal in the year 1965 in Kolkata, which was taken over by Mr Bal Mukund Sharma i.e. his legal heir. Mr Bal Mukund Sharma is an inbred of Kolkata and brought up in Ramgarh, Rajasthan. An activating and influential personality with a passion to achieve success inngaged himself in endeavours at a very tender age of 9. Created his empire with a whopping experience of 50 years. A nouveau riche came to Delhi handpicked accoutrement and fashioned his own domain. Cleanliness, systematic setting, hygiene conscious had been his marks of perfection. The entire northern India zone has been functioning under his purview.

From a range of exotic fruit flavours to the healthy dry fruit flavours, its health and taste served fresh in a bottle. Quality is our driving force and we are known to deliver the same, our brand never compromises on the quality levels for our every product. Every bottle is made in hygienic environment, with fresh raw material and no use of addictive. Unlike other brands, we aim at delivering freshness with zero preservatives to our clients and customers. Offering a plethora of colours with taste and health we have some very unique flavours of dry-fruits syrup, Kesharaia Thandai, Badam Sharbat, Rose Sharbat, Khus Sharbat, Orange Crush and Pineapple Crush, strawberry syrup and jeera syrup. Capturing the essence of Indian kitchens, serving you the range with every flavour possible, we are Jai Guruji thandai and sharbat.

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